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Thursday, November 12, 2009

not so little anymore

I've heard it time and time agian, "just wait, they grow so fast, you won't know where the time went", and it's not like I didn't believe them but I guess it's just one of those things that you have to experience for yourself. Here's some pics from yesterday. My baby is growing so fast. Each time I look at him I see changes in him. Each time we play together he does something new. It's really amazing.
On another note, today I am working on a Christmas water colour! This is the first piece I've done since Noah has been born and it feels so good to get back into it.
Hope you are having a lovely fall week. Anyone have their tree up yet? hehehe.
Oh and a birthday shoutout to my lovely Eugenia.


  1. Awe, what a little sweetheart!
    Gretchen has changed so much THIS WEEK. It's insane -- saying 'mama', clapping, almost pulling herself up, scooting like crazy! It's just wild.

    As for the xmas tree? There's a pretty good chance ours will be going up this week.

  2. ohmy...he is such a precious little gem!

    i don't have our tree up yet, but it will go up as soon as we have thanksgiving :)

  3. wow, he's growing so much! He is just so adorable!

    I'm hoping to get our tree up soon. Maybe after the Santa Claus parade this weekend :)

  4. Thanks for the comments on baby Noni!
    Aww I love that you are all excited for Christmas too! And even better that you want your trees up so soon.


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