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Friday, November 13, 2009

a Christmas cardinal

Ok so I realize that we are still a good month away from the big day and some might think that it is just too early to be getting all merry and such but you know what? I don't care! I'm just too excited and apparently I'm not the only one! Check out this post here where she can't wait either!
And so to get myself going I decided to work on a Christmas water colour, one that will be printed off, framed and given as gifts (*close your eyes Bear, hehe). Do you like? Also I had Wins put up our Christmas lights outside! I am a BIG fan of Christmas lights and decorating the outside of the house! We will light them on Dec 1st. As my Dad says, it brings light in the months that are so dark. My mom in P.E.I. says all her decorations are up already, just not lit. My mom and step dad go all out, I'll have to post pics! I've also been playing my Chrismas playlist from itunes but have been asked to turn it down when hubby is around (he draws the line at Christmas music before Dec. 1st).
So how about you? Have you been prepping at all? Have you pulled out the tunes or the holiday movies?
Hope you are having a fantastic Friday and that your weekend is a lovely one. We will be super busy this weekend. Art crawl tonight. A visit from good Ottawa friends Roxy&Tim and then on Sunday we will be paying a visit to our friends Alena and Ramus! Pics to follow on Monday I'm sure!

ps. a little sneak peek into coming posts... top Christmas movies, handmade easy gifts to give and make, art ideas and resources for preschoolers....


  1. You are so incredibly talented!! What a beautiful painting ^_^

    Next week we're getting the tree up -- I can't hold the boy off any longer!

  2. Thanks Des! Can't wait to see what you do for Christmas in your parts!

  3. This is fabulous!! Beautiful work!


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