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Friday, August 7, 2009

little pleasures

Happy Friday. I do hope that you are having a happy Friday and that your weekend is shaping up to be a fun one.
We have plans to do a mini road trip, to see some theatre, maybe have some dinner....I am excited.
As of late my days have been spent very luxuriously I must say. I am well on my way into the last few weeks of my pregnancy which gives me the right (at least I think so) to do as little as I like. Mornings I sleep in, then usually fix myself a delicious breakfast of whatever I like. Then I do some blogging...visit my daily reads and such. I usually also spend some time (actually too much time) on Facebook. I then gather myself together, have a shower and maybe saunter outside into the garden to poke around. After that it's lunch. Maybe a nap if I'm tired. And then if I'm feeling up to it, I take myself somewhere where it is cool like Indigo (my favourite place) and read magazines. I'm telling you life is hard!

Some of the things I take pleasure in are (some are guilty pleasures):

  • buying a fancy "designer" coffee. Hey I don't go to the bar or spend money on beer...why shouldn't I have a $5.oo coffee now and then.
  • spending time on the internet and finding new blogs to read.
  • going to Indigo, wandering the isles of books and reading all their magazines. It can be tempting but I usually walk out empty handed.
  • having a picnic with my hubby. Summer won't be here for long and we must enjoy each moment of it!
  • not answering the phone if I don't recognize the number. The way I see it is if they want to reach me, they'll leave a message.
  • making a fancy lunch for myself and then taking photos of it. I know. I'm weird.
  • gossiping with my sisters
  • going to Bulk Barn and buying all kinds of treats to have on hand. Nuts, rice cracker mixes, chocolate covered almonds.
  • going to celebrity trash sites and scanning all the pics. For some reason I just need to know what Jon from Jon and Kate had for lunch that day. Speaking of celeb MUST visit this site. One of my favs.
  • having a really good long conversation with a far a way friend. Who I miss. Terribly.
How about you? What are your little pleasures?


  1. haha I make fancy lunches too! :]
    I have an entire folder dedicated to my "lunch art".
    so no, you're not weird.
    we're just creative. :]

  2. you're post is nice, happy weekend!

  3. in my opinion, if you are facilitating the miracle of life, you get to kick back...enjoy!

  4. i am sitting at star right now with a mocha! a big small pleasure!


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