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Friday, July 17, 2009

blog love

These are a few of my favourite blogs:

  • Besame Mucho. Sweta is a dear old friend who I met by chance in 2004 in the Carleton University computer lab. We were both frantically trying to get our application packages ready so that we could apply to teacher's college and ended up helping one another with our letters. Sweta and I just hit it off. I was instantly smitten with her. She has great style, loves all things creative and unique. Her blog is so much fun, from reviews of her all time favourite movies to lists of what she loves...I love Sweta's blog. She is now teaching in Korea and I especially love reading about her adventures there.
  • m.writes. I can't quite remember how I came across Marta's blog but I must admit that I am addicted. I check it every day and enjoy going through her archives. Marta is a graphic designer, mama and creator of very cute hand crafted items. From great panel series where she asks her blog friends for their opinions on certain topics like "what makes a house a home" to her craft tutorials, I always learn something new from m.writes. I simply love love love this blog.
  • simply breakfast. Jennifer Causey displays simple, beautiful photos of her daily breakfast. Calming and clean images of delicious breakfasts. It really is a treat to have a look into her daily ritual. Sadly Jennifer has decided that this year will be the last year of her simply breakfast photos. So catch up now before it is too late.
  • SouleMama. A mama of 4 that does it all! Amanda Soule writes lovely posts about how she incorporates her philosophy of leading a creative life into her everyday life. From art parties with her children to back yard vacations, visiting SolueMama is a refreshing little escape from the mundane everyday life. Beautiful and inspiring.

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