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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


We're at the end of January, and I am just squeezing this in, before the month is over. 
Every year, for at least the last 4 or 5 years, I come up with one word, that is meant to help guide/influence me in the coming year. Past words have included: Peace, Adventure, Quiet, Journey. 
This year, as I was thinking about it, one word kept coming up in my thoughts, and so my word of 2019 is going to be Focus
Last year brought growth and new accomplishments to me. I gained a tremendous amount of confidence in myself, which I feel funneled into my relationships, photography work and family life. 
Last year, I reached some goals and found a sense of focus that had been missing for quite some years, in all honesty, I blame post partum hormones and exhaustion on those foggy years. 
And so for 2019, I want this sense of focus, drive and clarity to continue. 
Focus to me means knowing what I want for myself personally and professionally. It means having a sense of trust in myself. It means not having control over the situation, but having control over myself- knowing that I am responsible for myself, my actions, my reactions. It means calling myself out on my own shit, but also being my own bestfriend. And so 2019 is my year to Focus in on my self and goals. It is to continue on this journey of learning about myself, and to be the best version of myself... for me and the ones I love. 
Happy New Years (on January 30th). 


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