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Friday, July 7, 2017

our special place

I never grew up with a family cottage. It just wasn't in our budget, but it was always and still is a dream of mine to have one. We would occasionally rent one for a week in the summer , and often visited our church camp that had an old cottage, but we never had one of our own. 
One of the things that I love most about a cottage, is the memories that a family makes there, and the connection to the land that is created. While, we may not have a cottage to return to, time and time again, I still want my children to grow up with the familiarity of visiting a favourite place in nature, and Blomidon PP is that place for us. 
Blomidon PP is a place of immense beauty. Situated at the very top of Cape Blomidon, you get yo see breathtaking views of the Minas Basin, and the counties that surround it. Red cliffs, swooping down to the sea, farm fields as far as the eye can see, it really is stunning. Story has it, that Kluskap, the Mi'kmaq legend comes from Blomidon.
At the entrance to the park is Blomidon beach, a perfectly muddy beach. At low tide, the beach goes on forever. This is where you can witness the highest tides in the world. It is also a treasure trove, where you can find fossils and amethyst! The park itself is a lovely spot. Clean and often very quiet, you can access some very pretty walking trails. There's also a playground, washrooms and a education center available with colouring books for the kids. 
It's still a dream of mine to own a sweet little cottage by the sea someday. But for now, we will continue to pitch our tent at this beautiful park, that is just 40 mins from our home.  I like to think that Blomidon is our special place, a place we will continue to make memories at. Campfires, sunrises and sunsets, hiking, running on the beach, waking up to the birds, good food, coffee by the fire, unplugging from technology, and most importantly ... connecting to one another. 

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