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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

life lately ...

Life lately:
Long stretches of solo parenting. A teething babe. Spontaneous trips to the beach .... because we can. Lunches outside. Playdates at the park. Wind chimes outside my bedroom window. Chasing the light. Getting the perfect shot. Self portraits with my littles. An afternoon in the garden. Getting our seeds started. Chocolate chia seed avocado pudding. Life is short, lick the bowl. Walks in the woods. Chalk drawings on the front driveway. Neighbourhood kids, calling to play. Feeling like this is home. Thankful Spring is here.

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  1. J was reading this over my shoulder and remarked how much bigger has gotten, she's adorable, love her smiley pics. And isn't chocolate chia seed avacado pudding just delicious!!


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