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Sunday, December 13, 2015

memory making

 St. Nicholas loot!

Lots of pictures from the last two weeks.
We've been busy over the past few weeks, getting in as many Christmas festivities as we can, ticking things off our Christmas list. The Christmas tree farm (we were lucky to have snow! it's gone now), New Ross Farm Museum for an old fashioned Christmas, St. Nicholas Day and the Nutcracker!
As many people know, I love Christmas and begin planning the activities that we love to do well in advance. And now that we have a baby due any day, I wanted to make sure that we would still get to do those special activities.
It's been busy, but oh so magical, and the excitement from Noah and Katia can hardly be contained.
Something else that we added to our Christmas game this year, are the Kindness Elves. You can read about the idea of them here, but basically, they are to help teach lessons of kindness and good deeds.
The kids have LOVED them. I am wondering why we added one more thing to our list, so I think next year, we will most likely do a more limited version, like the 12 days of Kindness Elves.
Things are now slowly starting to wind down (which was my master plan). Noah has a school concert this week and both Noah and Katia has a skating performance next Sunday. At this point, I'm not sure when the baby will make his or her appearance, but I do hope that we can make it until after the kids have their shows.
Since we are in the final countdown to Christmas, 10 days?  What!?! I just have a few things left I want to do. A bit of last minute shopping, some baking and a few last cards that will inevitably be late (hey it's the thought that counts). And anything else that does or doesn't happen will just have to be okay.
So merry Christmas my friends. Next time I post, I hope it will be about a sweet babe who has made their debut.

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  1. You have clearly been touched by the Christmas spirit :-)
    Your kids will have many sweet childhood Christmas memories.
    Happy waiting for baby Jesus and your own baby as well ;-)


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