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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

today I am slowing down

I needed to clear my mind.
Overloaded and overwhelmed, my mind was anxious and scattered.
A break. A break from the constant conversations, the debates, the updated streams of information. The sad news, the opinions, the images.
Today I am slowing down.
I am preparing my mind and heart for a quiet season of reflection. I am embracing the safety and comfort of my family and home. I am looking for small ways to find joy, so that I may share joy with my loved ones.

Written snapshots ::

~ A decluttered and clean kitchen can make my heads space oh so much better. A lit candle helps the senses.

~ Storytime. Possibly my most favourite time of day. The three of us in bed, sometimes four if you count Ryder, and we cozy up with a story. Right now it is George's Marvelous Medicine. So silly and full of imagination.

~ A family walk through the neighbourhood. A steady pace with the dog at our sides. Talking about this and that. Looking at other's homes. A feeling of connectedness and finally, familiarity.

~ Finding happiness and joy in the first snowfall. It didn't stick of course, but Katia had to get her coat and mitts and head outside. It made me feel cozy. It reminded me of the North and our sloww and quiet days.

~ A boy, who is six, and is dealing with new challenges everyday. A walk together hand in hand. A cuddle together, after dinner, on the couch, where he shares his struggles with me. He is growing. He's learning. He's tired. It's hard. I am  so proud of him. Life is hard and it won't get easier. He'll have obstacles to overcome, I just hope he'll always want to come to me and talk.


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