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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

my life, right now ... in a blog post

It's been such a long time since I've been in this space. It's not because I haven't wanted to be, but we were just on the road for 20 days and internet was hard to come by (for long enough periods of time to publish a post).
We are now settled (or settling, I should say) in our new home in Kentville, NS. It's been a long journey to get here, and I wrote out some posts on our actual trip, but for now, I want to fast forward to present day and share what is happening in our lives right now.
This morning I woke up, and finally had that feeling of being settled and at ease. The first few days of moving into our house were chaos. Dirty clothes and bed sheets, no hooked up washer, a crazy kitchen that was piled high with stacks of this and that, boxes and more boxes everywhere. But this morning was different. After days of organizing, sorting and moving things around, this morning I felt as though I could wake up and not have to get to work right away. With CBC 2 Morning playing in the background (I haven't had this in 2 years), I made pancakes and oatmeal, and things just kind of felt normal and good for the first time in a long time. We still have a ton of work to do and lots to sort through, but I am glad that things are beginning to feel normal after everything.
I have so much to share and I'm not sure where to start. I want to talk about my pregnancy, poor baby number 3, who barely gets any mention. . I also want to share more about my dreams, hopes and goals for my photography and art. I want to talk about all the cool things that this new place has to offer. So many ideas, so many thoughts ... how do I begin.


In pregnancy news, I am now 21 weeks along and am feeling fairly good. I've been tired by the end of the day, and often find myself in bed by 9pm with the kids, which is probably a good thing. Moving is a lot of work, and even though I wasn't lifting heavy things, I have made so many trips up and down stairs, from one room to another, moving piles of this and that around, organizing cupboards and shelves. I need my sleep by the end of the day.
In terms of how big I am getting, I definitely have a tummy to show, and I wear a lot of maternity skirts and t-shirts. I don't feel all that great about how I look (funny how that happens by the third baby), but I am trying to enjoy and embrace my baby bump.
When we were at 18 weeks, we had our mid way ultrasound in Whitehorse, and had the chance to see our babe on the monitor. We made a decision not to find out the gender of this babe (although I strongly think it's a girl), and we are excited for the surprise of finding out on the birth day.
In baby development news, I now feel quite a bit of movement through out the day, mostly at night time, when I have the chance to slow down.
When I get a chance, I will post a recent photo of my bump.


Lately I've been feeling all sorts of frustrations about my photography, and while that may not sound like a good thing, it actually is. Frustrations, for me, indicate that I have a strong yearning for more and to do more. For a long time, I feel that my work became routine, safe and expected.
While I love shooting families, babies and people, I wasn't allowing myself to reach out and try new things, or to open up my mind to other ideas.
This past summer, I was introduced to so much more when I attended Land and See. I walked away with a renewed energy and desire to do more, but right now, doing more is kind of hard.
With our move and trip across the country, with our children who need our attention, with having to start all over again in a new part of the country, I feel like I have such a long list to tackle and all kinds of pressures to deal with (self imposed).
I know what I need to do and I'm thankful that I have Winslow on board to help with it all  (thank God for all of his support). I will tackle each goal, one by one. I will continue on this path of learning and improving, and I will breathe positivity into what I do.

Some personal and professional photography goals:

~ Revamp my website. Change the layout, change out the old pictures, breathe new life into it.
~ Possibly get a new logo.
~ Take photo days, where I go out for a few hours (no kids allowed), and shoot to my heart's desire.
~ Build friendships with other photographers. Learn from them, share with them. Build a community.
~ Take chances. Take leaps. Try new things.
~ Study other photographers, artists, painters, whoever! What is it that draws me to their work? Develop those ideas into my own work.


And finally, our new home.
After 5 years in the North, we are actually now living on the East Coast, in a very interesting little part of the province. There is much to explore here, and I am quite eager to get out there and see it all. There seem to be a ton of fruit farms which offer all kinds of U-Pick options, little petting zoo farms, farmers markets, and a ton of yummy restaurants. Don't even get me started on what the Valley has to offer in the Fall. Squee!!! Hay rides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, fall colours. Oh yes! And you better believe that I'll be all over the Fall blog posts at that point.
We plan to head over the to coast on Winslow's next set of days off, and we hope to time it right so that we can find some tidal pools. I know the kids will just love looking for neat rocks and treasures.


And so there you have it. My life, somewhat wrapped up in a blog post. There is more to say, more to share. All will come in good time.


  1. The packing paper!!! Those are beauty pictures of the kids out exploring with you. And I'll listen to cbc radio 2 tomorrow morning and think of you doing the same :)

  2. Welcome to Nova Scotia!..... I shall miss your northern blog, but look forward to what you will be doing in my home province.


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