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Saturday, June 6, 2015

it's here!

 It's here! With all it's beauty, summer is here. Without notice, the wild flowers are in bloom, and I feel so full of joy when I see them.
Our walks to and from the school, down our very own path, are full of wonder and discoveries. Look mom, a spider! Look at the butterfly! Look at this rock I found!
The community pool is open and even though the water temperature takes some getting used to, the extra outlet for the kids' energy is welcomed.
It's a good thing that summer is putting on a lovely show so far, because I'll admit, I am still impatient about  how our transfer is moving along at a snail's pace. We sold our house in Whitehorse, and it closed (thankfully).  We've been to Nova Scotia and bought a house (it's beautiful!). We have an idea as to when we will be leaving Beaver Creek, but still no official date has been nailed down. It's grating on my nerves, as we wait to carry on with our lives.
But while we wait, I plan on carrying on with summer. Trips down to the lake, hopefully some camping at the near by campground, swimming with the kids, afternoons at the park, library and pool. I plan to make the most of it, even if my heart was set on leaving soon rather than later.


  1. Wow. The seasons move right along up there. Hope you can, too, and be on your way, again, sooner. I read your blog almost weekly and enjoy it very much. Best wishes, Kathie, in Odessa, WA.


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