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Saturday, March 7, 2015

date night

 that's a splash from a whale 

Getting away from our little lives here in Beaver Creek, was so good for us all. 
Because Winslow can hardly ever leave his post, it's rare that we as a family, get to do things like going out for a meal, or to the movies together, and it's even more rare that Winslow and I get to go out on a date. 
We had our good friends Chrissie and James along with us on our vacation, and they adamant that we take at least one night (more if we could) to go out for a nice date. So we did! 
Our first date was a short and spontaneous one. The kids had crashed hard after a busy day of playing, and Chrissie and James were home, so we snuck off for a nice walk, some window shopping and a shared ice cream. It was quick, but just the right amount of time for us to have a little break together. 
Our second date was a bit more organized. 
We started off with a drive to my favourite look out spot, so that we could watch the whales and see the sunset. We were all alone, on the edge of a cliff, the air was warm with a breeze and we were both able to just relax and enjoy the view. *side note,usually when we go to the look outs, I am panicked with having the children so close to the cliff.
After the sunset, we drove back to Lahaina to go out for dinner. We did a fair bit of walking around and looking at restaurants before we settled on one. We both had delicious dinners with wine and a yummy cheesecake for dessert (shared of course, dessert always tastes better when you share it). 
I'm not sure if it was the romance of Maui, or the fact that we both got dressed up (putting a little effort in, never hurts), or just that we don't get to do this kind of thing often, but this date was oh so special to the both of us. We got to have  conversations, full ones, without any interruptions. We got to talk about future plans, the fact that we are coming up on our 10 year anniversary (dating, not married), and other things. It was easy, comfortable, but special and romantic. Not that I need reminding, but our date gave me a healthy dose of gratitude for my number one man. He's definitely my one true love. 

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