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Monday, February 23, 2015

notes and thoughts from our vacation

We are half way through our time here in Maui, and I am just so full of gratitude for the whole of our trip. Maui is a very special place, there is so just much beauty to take in. Our time here so far has mostly comprised of little day trips to special sites, beaches and towns. We have swam in the ocean, seen whales, turtles and seals, we have collected shells and we have had so much laughter.
This trip has been good for us. So very good.

Things I want to remember:
Last year when on Maui, I saw some advertising for a lavender farm.
I had always wanted to go to a lavender farm (the photographer in me knew that it would make a beautiful spot for photos), but alas, we didn't make it. We ran out of time.
This time on Maui, I wanted to make sure that we made the trip to the farm, and yesterday, that's just what we did. They had a family day out planned, and we were given a tour and then the opportunity to make a bouquet of flowers.
The experience of visiting the farm was so lovely and idyllic. The farm is set way up in "Up Country" Maui, close to the  Haleakala Crater, so the views from the farm are just breathtaking. Just breathing in the aromatics of the lavender, set the tone for a peaceful and calm visit. The gardens were beautifully adorned with fountains, streams, sculptures of Buddha and other Asian inspired things.
At the end, the kids stopped for a lavender scone, while I did some browsing in the beautiful gift shop (nice staff I should add).

Something I am pondering:
When picking up a few new magazines for the trip, I happened upon a yoga magazine that had meditation as it's main topic for the issue. I flipped through it and brought it home, and I've been very inspired by some of the ideas that it suggests.
Things like dedicating a particular time of day and place in the house for yoga/meditation/prayer.
And the idea of creating "alters" or collections of objects/images that help one to focus and meditate.
I feel like I would like to work on making some of these ideas come to life in my daily practice.
I feel a pull to dig deeper into my spirituality. I still have many questions and thoughts about the subject, but I know that I yearn and need, spirituality in my life.
I am always looking for ways to be more clear in my head and life. I want to foster peace, love and more creativity in my life, and of course find more happiness. I feel like meditation and yoga may be a good thing for me ( I know it works for Sarah).

Happy things:
~ going to see Paddington Bear (the movie) as a family. I can't remember the last time that we went to see a movie all together- or if we have ever done that! Listening to Katia laugh and watching them gorge out on a bag of popcorn the size of their heads! It was sweet.
~ finding so many heart shaped rocks.
~ how all the children need for a happy time is the beach, their bathing suits (sunscreen) and sand toys. They are so happy!
~ going for a walk with just Winslow (Chrissie and James stayed with the kids as they slept). We wandered through town, shared and ice cream and window shopped. Oh and most importanty, we held hands <3 br="">


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