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Saturday, February 14, 2015

a road trip assignment and signing off

see that sunlight, spilling onto my coffee press and cup? That my friends is what I call happiness!

Sarah wrote this on my Facebook wall a few weeks ago :

"Isn't it so cool when things start coming up coincidentally? and start aligning to be exactly what you needed when you need it most?" 

She wrote it on a day when I needed to read that. It had been days upon days of unending cold. I was feeling trapped in my home, in my roles, in my life. Sarah has a good way of getting me to see past the immediate situation, and to see things clearly. I'm so blessed to have a friend like her. 

Last week, Sarah and I, spent 5  FREEZING COLD days on a road trip, taking photos and interviewing people involved in the Yukon Ultra Race. It was just us on the open road (and in the back trails), lots of coffee and treats, and an awesome mixed cd that Sarah made for the trip. 

In between our time out on the trail, getting photos of the athletes or talking with race officials, we were able to have some very real and much needed heart-to-hearts. We talked about our lives, our kids (we gushed about how amazing they are), our goals for the future, friends and family, and everything in between ... it was so good for the soul. 

I am truly thankful that Sarah asked me to come along on her assignment. It was a jump outside of my normal work, and I feel like it made me open up to the idea of trying new types of photography. Plus, it was just really nice to be a able to practice my work for a few days. 


Tomorrow we set off for Maui for just under 2 weeks. I will be off of the internet for much of the time, because I want to soak up as much of Maui as I can. I'm most looking forward to the sun on my face, walking along the beach, watching the whales from shore, the beautiful sunsets and seeing my kiddos in little bathing suits. I'm sure I'll have much to report when we get back. 

Love and peace. 



  1. What memories we made! It was definitely one for the books. Have a wonderful trip, say hi to the whales! And Winslow looks so young in his birthday pics!


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