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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

first day of homeschool

 she looks so grown up here!

Without even realizing it, it seems that we have eased into Autumn. 
Each day we go for our walks to take it all in, and over night the colours have changed to beautiful bright yellows, oranges and reds. Fall is my favourite time of year, and it is also so short here in the Yukon. I say this every year, so I really do try to soak it all in. 
Already the nights are cold, with frost. And already, I am researching this year's new snowsuits, trying to decide which one will best for the long cold Yukon winter that lies ahead. 
This morning we started our first day of homeschool. It was an abbreviated version, as I don't have all of my materials here yet, but I felt that it was important that we get on with it. We had a circle/prayer time: we lit a candle, sang a song, and said a prayer. Then it was story time and a craft (self portrait). We also filled out a very short little questionnaire type thing "All about me" which was fun to do. We then went for our morning walk, and incorporated some math into our walk. We drew numbers in the dirt and found the corresponding amount of rocks or leaves to go with that number.
And that was our morning of homeschooling. Of course there will be more to it as we go along, but for me, it was just really important that we start off on a positive note and as we go along, we'll iron out the kinks.  
Some photos of our first project and our walk. I realize that I spelled Gorilla incorrectly. It bothers me, so I thought I would point it out. 
Notice Katia's self portrait. She insisted on having a black sparkly shirt on in the picture... oh that girl! 


  1. My favourite toy: weapons ... bhahaha! I love him. He is making it his mission to defy any expectations you may have for him, in his cheeky way!

  2. Awe, lovely! And they both look so grown up! <3 Wow!

  3. I am with Sarah! Saw the weapons part and giggled. Boys! ahahhaha

    Great photos!


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