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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Noah's 5th spy party

please note Katia's face in this picture!!! bah!!!

This past week, we went into Whitehorse while W. had a course. I decided that we would throw Noah an early birthday, as he wanted to celebrate with his friends in Whitehorse. We went with a spy party theme, which was so fun to put together (and pretty easy I might say). 
A few of the details. 
When the guest arrived, a Sr. Secret Agent came to meet them and told them about a crime that had taken place (jewels had been stolen from the local museum), their mission was to complete a series of skill testing tasks and to find the missing jewels (ring pops!). 
For the activities, the kids got to make secret agent ID cards (which we printed at home), climb through laser beams (red streamers), and guess what was in the box ( a box with a hole in it. Kids reach their hand in and guess what is in the box... a ball, a sock, a spoon ect). Then they were given a clue as to where the jewels had been hidden. One of the best parts was that I (the Sr. Secret Agent) had on a real ear piece (not plugged in) and I kept getting "messages" from Headquarters. The kids loved this part! 
After that it was pizza, veggies + dip, hummus and crackers, fruit and cupcakes! 
A pretty simple and easy party. 
Oh and for the "loot bags", the kids each received a pair of sunglasses, a note pad and a pen that writes in invisible ink (a little light at the end displays the hidden message).
Aside from me being sick, I think this was probably one of the easiest but most fun parties we've done in our family. Score!


  1. A few things: Look how HAPPY noah looks on the train! And how BIG Katia has grown! And how FUN a mom you are! I really wish we had been there, it looks like it was such a special day, well worth the effort.

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  3. I bet the kids loved this - great idea!


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