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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

like family to us

I have so much to share about what we've been up to, our day to day lives, and ideas that I have floating through my head...
but today, today is about remembering and respecting our three RCMP fallen members. 
I'm not quite sure if people who aren't in constant contact with law enforcers can understand why this tragedy has hit us so deeply. While my family does not know any of the families who have lost their loved ones personally, we still feel this loss so very much, as we are connected as a larger family. 
For us, especially since moving to the North, our RCMP friends have become family to us. So far from home and family, it has often been our RCMP family that has been there with us to celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter. Our children's birthdays have been shared with them, the birth of our daughter too. When we were new to the North, we were instantly welcomed into the circle, and we too have made sure to welcome newcomers when they come. The RCMP is like a family to us, and just like family, there can be differences and disagreements.... but at the end of the day we are family. 
There have been nights in my life as an RCMP spouse, where I couldn't sleep. Rocked to the core when I heard about the death of a member, I remember staying on the phone hours with another spouse, crying and talking about our deepest fears. 
There have been mornings (after a night shift), when Winslow hasn't come home yet. Too many times infact. I expected him home by 7am, and it would be 10 or 11am and I still hadn't heard from him. I try to go on about our normal routine. Make the coffee, make the kids breakfast, but all I can do is keep looking at the kitchen clock. Finally, I hear the sweet sounds of his feet clumping up the front steps and the door opens. In walks my exhausted husband, after a 14 or 15 hrs over night shift. He has been out in the cold all night, been helping others or dealing with difficult situations, while we slept away at home. I can't even imagine it.  My heart can rest again and we go back to our normal day. 
The crisp sound of velcro being ripped apart. If you are a spouse to a law enforcer, you know that means that they are home safely after another shift. Taking off their uniform, and the bullet proof vest they wear under their shirt. It is a familiar and comforting sound. 
The time Sarah and I drove up to Mayo Yukon together to be there for our friend Allison, exactly one year after her dear Michael had drowned while on duty in the Stewart River. 
All of these experiences are ingrained in me, and are a part of how we live as a police family. When we heard the news that three RCMP members had been killed in a horrific act, aimed directly at police, I think it is safe to say that most spouses for a split second, went to that place in their hearts. That place where we know that it could have been or could be our partners.  We hurt, real deep hurt for those families, because we are them and they are us. 
Today as we watched the regiment funeral from our force house here in our little isolated post, we sighed, wept and showed our respect to our fellow RCMP family members. We will remember the sacrifice and job that these men did. We will never forget them, or the families that they leave behind. 

RIP Cst.Ross, Cst. Larche and Cst. Gevaudan

For a beautiful recap of the funeral, and the vulnerability of the RCMP at this time, this is a good video to watch. 

waaaaaay back when :) July 2007 at Winslow's graduation dinner in Regina. Man he's a hottie in that red serge. 


  1. Love this. It is such a comfort when someone else "gets it."

  2. The footage was very very moving. And to was the response from Moncton residents offering a bed, food, rides etc. I was saddened by the need for snipers. I can;t stop thinking about those families and children.

    1. Hi Chania,
      Anytime you see a police officer in their ceremonial garb (red serge) (Remembrance Day, Canada Day), they are unarmed. So at the funeral, they had 1000s upon 100s of unarmed officers.... it's just the way it hence the need for snipers. It's sad, but it has to be that way.


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