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Monday, February 10, 2014


ladies and gentlemen, the cat ears have returned 

A little bit of this and that.
Only a week away till we get ourselves on the road towards Anchorage. From Anchorage we'll be flying down to Seattle, then San Diego and then finally Maui. It will be a long trip, but we are all excited for it. This trip couldn't be coming at a better time. We woke up to -40 degrees today and I was instantly cheered up with the thought of Maui. Yipee!
Last Friday night we had our traditional homemade pizza and a family movie. But this time we did things a little bit differently.  We ate our pizza while watching the movie, picnic style. Such a simple idea, but we all enjoyed it, and I know it made the event feel more special for the kids. All week long I hear, "when is family movie night mama?". I love how this little tradition has become something that the kids look forward to. To note: this is the one night a week where TV is allowed after dinner. Usually it's off limits in the week.
Over the weekend we celebrated Winslow's birthday. Like most men, Winslow doesn't like a big deal made of his birthday, but that doesn't stop me from at least making a bit of a fuss over him. Eggs Benny for breakfast, decorations went up, a favourite meal for dinner and a big birthday cake (yes there is a gun and handcuffs on the cake- at Noah's request). One of the most adorable things from this year's birthday was the care and love that Noah put into Winslow's card and birthday present. Noah "made" (okay, I made it mostly), Winslow a flashlight. It was all his idea and he painted the cardboard tube himself. On the card, Noah drew Daddy and him holding hands. It was really adorable.
And finally, a few photos of the kids playing around. As some of you may or may not know, I collect vintage Fisher Price toys. I love the classic toys, the ones that offer open ended play and that don't have all kinds of gizmos that make noise and light up. Over the years, I have collected different sets, and have had friends be on the look out for me when they go thrifting. My doll house was picked up by my friend Margaret. It was in great condition and had all the furniture and people. I love it! My friend Sarah remembered that her mom had the old vintage garage stored away somewhere. Sarah's mother kindly pulled it out and sent it all the way to the Yukon for me. It was such a lovely gift! As you can see, my kids love these toys. I don't pull them out all the time, so when we do bring them out, the kids think of them as special.
Hope you are having a lovely week! I'm excited to celebrate Valentine's Day with the family. I have plans to set up the table the night before with little tin mailboxes that I picked up a few weeks ago. We'll have a few treats and cards for the kids.

This picture cracks me up. Zen/meditating Batman. Don't ask. 


  1. Glad that you are having so much family fun together. I bought an old Fisher Price wooden barn puzzle for my little babe several months ago. She is too young to appreciate it (already lost the farmer climbing the silo to the dogs), but I was thrilled when I found it because I remember playing with one just like it when I was younger - and my brother instantly remembered also. I remember that in the church playroom we had a parking garage like your kids are playing with. Have a wonderful time in Maui! We have been to Hawaii, Oahu, and Kauai, but are still dreaming about Maui. I hope we get to see some pictures! What a temperature shock it will be to your systems!

    1. No kidding Katie. It's -42 this morning.I'm so happy to have Hawaii in my sights.
      Yes, finding vintage Fisher Price is so fun.... little treasures from our past. Now I am on the hunt for Little Golden Eloise Wilkin books. :)


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