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Monday, January 6, 2014

the power of ...

The power of ...

~ the sunlight, slowly but surely making it's way back into our skies

~ my favourite kind of tea, in one of my favourite mugs, from one of my favourite people 

~ emails, connecting family who are all far away, back together for a day when we are all hurting

~ comfort food. An organic roasted chicken (a treat in the North) with an abundance of roasted garlic

~ therapeutic cleaning. It is re-newing. 

~ taking steps to be happy and to take charge. We are in control of our happiness and lives. 

~ nap time. For me and for her. A period of time where the house is perfectly quiet. 

~ a phone call with a friend far away in NS. Connecting and supporting. 

~ essential oils to cleanse the house. Natural and organic. Rosemary and lavender. 

~ flowers from my husband, because even though he doesn't "get it", he knows that I appreciate them.

Today was a difficult day. I felt so far away from home and family, when I wished to be closer. My thoughts are with people so far away, for different reasons, and at the same time I felt so present in my home, tucked far away in the remote Canadian North. I was sad, so I grasped for what was making me happy, and it helped. I am feeling better.
Remembering my dear Great Aunt Norma who was so special, kind, strong and full of grace. You will be missed and are loved.

here they are, my beautiful Grandmother Ganya with Auntie Norma on the right.


  1. Well it sounds like all good things - good food, hot tea, pretty flowers, and snuggly nap time. And those are some stylish ladies!

  2. it must be so tough to be so far away. though it looks so peaceful and snuggly for one little girl!

  3. So sorry for your loss! Being far from family when a member passes away is so hard.

  4. Sometimes I long to be far away, somewhere remote and "safe"... Perhaps I should come stay with you for a bit! ;~)
    I'm so sorry for your loss, Jo. I can relate, I think. I lost my aunt earlier this week, my dad's eldest sister (just 66 years old, she lost her battle with Parkinsons), and my family will be travelling together up island this weekend to celebrate her life. It will be a difficult day, but I'll be grateful to spend it with my parents and my siblings.
    Sending big hugs your way, my friend. I hope you feel comfort in the little things tomorrow, too.
    love Erin xo


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