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Sunday, December 1, 2013

december 1st

Today marks the count down to Christmas and there has been all kinds of excitement in the house.
Late last night, I filled the Advent calendar with 2 little chocolates for the kids, and Noah was so excited when he woke up to see that the elves had left him a treat.
Today was a cold one, -35, so we spent much of the day indoors, working on projects and crafts. We tried out a simple contact paper collage that ended up looking very cool. I wanted them to make more so that we could give them away, but I could only get them to make 3. Oh well. Maybe more next time. I also took some time to do a bit of crafting myself, which is always a nice thing to do this time of year.
In the afternoon, I  roped Winslow into helping me make an advent wreath for our weekly Advent devotion.  This year, because we are not close to church, we will be doing our own advent candle wreath, and I will be reading the Christmas story (children's version) before we light the candle. I really wanted to make sure that we tie in what Christmas is about with the children. I want it to mean something more than presents, and I think this will help. Our wreath isn't anything special, but it is simple and works for us. I didn't get to buy the traditional colours for our candles, but white is just as nice.
 I also hope to tie in a few RAK (random acts of kindness) over the next month, again, so that the children can learn about the real meaning of Christmas (showing love to those around us). I'll be sure to report back on what we do.
And finally, I've been busy writing our Christmas cards, sending of packages in the mail and decorating the house.
Writing Christmas cards has really become one of my favourite Christmas traditions. Since I've moved so much over the years, I really enjoy sending a personal note to old friends at this time of year. I like to think that years ago, long before Facebook and email, that this was the way long lost friends stayed in touch. I like that it takes effort and that it tells the recipient, we still think of you.
I've also been having fun wrapping up gifts and sending them off to different parts of  the country. In my mind I sing, "brown paper packages, tied up with string", as I label my gifts and make my way to the busy post office. I like to think of all the gifts being mailed at this time of year, people thinking of their far away loved ones. Such a fun part of the lead up to Christmas.
I know this may sound like a whole lot of Christmas in such a  short time, but I assure you, this year, I am doing my very best to only do the things that I want to do, and not to out do myself with too many activities. There seems to be so much pressure these days to make the holidays "oh so special" with so many different traditions. I find it's almost like when I go on Pinterest. I love seeing all the ideas, but can quickly become too overwhelmed with idea overload. This year, while we will be doing many special traditions, I have decided to nix some of the ones that just don't get me excited and feel like too much work. Who wants a crazy Christmas lady, whose all strung out and has to sneak sips of Baileys just to keep it together? Not I. Well... maybe the Bailey's part can stay in the equation.
Hope you are well dear friends.
Happy December.


  1. I still remember going to see you in your Christmas pageant one year, when we were still at Mutchmore! These are great things you're doing this year, Jo! It's inspired me; I haven't even filled my advent bags yet, or decorated at all (well, to be honest, we don't really have a space to decorate yet......I suppose unpacking would help.....). xx

  2. The window collages are very pretty! One of the reasons that I read blogs is because it is so interesting to find out what is going on in a place so different from your own town. -35 degrees seems totally crazy to this PA girl - we thought it was cold last week at 20 degrees! I can't imagine leaving the house in that weather.


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