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Monday, November 25, 2013

happiness is...

It's always the little things that make me happy and help me to shift my perspective a little bit. 
And when those "little things" happen to involve anything to do with Christmas (or craftiness), well you know where I'm going with this. Yes, I get quite excited. 

This past weekend we went into Whitehorse for a much needed little trip "in". Winslow had some meetings to attend, I scheduled some photo sessions (which turned out to be very good for my creative soul), we attended Evey's 6th birthday (where did the time go?) and we did Christmasy things.... like shopping, drinking holiday Starbucks drinks, seeing the Christmas lights and attending a Christmas craft fair. Oh yes, it was good to get in my Christmas fix. 

Some of the things that made me happy:

~ wandering along Main Street and checking out the window displays. I love a good Christmas    window display.
~ picking up gifts to send away to far away family and friends.
~ treating the kids to hot chocolate and taking them to see the Christmas lights down town.
~ treating myself to gingerbread lattes. Yum!

It was nice to get away, but also just as nice to return home. The kids were somewhat out of sorts today, but I know that trip was long and hard on them (just as it was on us too). It's always exhausting trying to combine a months worth of errands into 2 days. Add to that, visits, eating out (and not so healthy) and yes, it can be tiring on everyone.

Some things that made me happy upon returning home:

~ putting up our Christmas lights (thanks hubby) and making a special outdoor arrangement in an old crate with spruce boughs, birch sticks, white lights and a few stars I had lying around.
~ watching my near 2 year old pull out the craft supplies and do her own collage. She is most definitely her mother's daughter. And yes, it made my heart sing when I saw her doing this.

And that is all for now. We have a big week ahead of us here. Our sweet babe turns 2 this Thursday and we will be celebrating with her little friends, Hungry Caterpillar style. I'm so excited for her to have her special day. To see her face and for her to know how special she is. I'll post pictures.

ps. this is Noah's very first representational drawing ever (that he did in front of me). Yes, I was pretty excited... I've been waiting a long time for this. It is a picture of Batman and Robin in a bat cave. Oh Noah- I love you.


  1. Wonderful Johanna!
    It's finally snowing here, so so beautiful. Sadly Raffi has fever so we can't go out to enjoy it. So we watch it fall from inside our warm, cozy home.
    Sending you lots of love,

  2. That is a stellar batman and robin creation!!

    Love seeing your kid with the glue bottle having so much fun!

  3. Gingerbread lattes are my absolute favourite. Happiness in a cup!

  4. Did someone say gingerbread latte?! (love that molasses drizzle...)

    I adore a twinkly window display too. And shopping for pretty things to send in the post! (so excited that we're partners in the swap!)

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

  5. That is such a fantastic drawing by Noah! And although I'm not a fan of Christmas before December 1st, I adore the storefront pictures. I'm starting to get a little into the holiday spirit today....x


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