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Monday, September 23, 2013

last of the golden days

 a beautiful autumn drive home from Whitehorse

and then this happened! 

 Oh hello there! It's been a while since I've popped in here (or so it feels that way). Last time I left my blog off with a Autumn Bucket list and today I am looking out my window at freshly fallen snow. Yes, it's true, snow in September. I may need a moment to go an cry. Okay, maybe not cry, but I was serious when I said that I better enjoy Autumn while it lasts, because we got a whole 3 weeks of it, and that was it my friends. Maybe just maybe, we'll get a warm spell and return to our golden days, but for now it is grey skies, a few trees left with yellow leaves and white blowing snow out side of my window.
But onto more happy things. Sometime we just need to pick ourselves up and carry on right?
A little recap of the last week. We went into Whitehorse for a week while Winslow took a course for work. While there we saw friends, ate out at restaurants, enjoyed fresh produce (yes, this was a highlight of the trip for me) and I did some photo sessions. It was a busy week of running errands, visiting, and oh ya, buying a truck. You see, I never pictured ourselves as "truck people"... but when you live in a town that is nearly 5 hours from a major city and you have to buy 4 weeks worth of groceries at one time, a little SUV just does not do the trick. Plus our roads are bad, and I mean REALLY bad. So a truck was very much needed.
Also while I was away, I had the opportunity to pick up a few photo sessions (I did 7!) and it was really fun to get back behind the camera (professionally at least) and do what I love to do. Now I just need to get my self in gear and start editing! I still have sessions from this past summer that I need to do to.
Oh dear! At least it will give me something to work on.
And here we are now, back home and needing some R&R. Today we did some painting, which is always fun to do. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve for some Autumn inspired crafts- even if it doesn't look like Autumn outside .. sniff sniff.
It's good to be home, where I can sit back, not rush anywhere, have a cup of tea and sleep in my own bed.


  1. I haven't had the chance to enjoy Autumn yet, too busy but I'm hoping Nova Scotia will just be entering Autumn when I arrive and will have a chance to enjoy it all over again

    1. Ya, you guys are very lucky to be going to such an amazing post. It's going to be great.

  2. Whaaaaaaa?!! No way! Ok, you really weren't kidding about the early snow thing. I am so sorry your autumn was cut short. It looked gorgeous though! I always LOVE visiting you here Johanna.

  3. 4 weeks of groceries??? You are super mom! That must take a lot of organizing and planning. Beautiful pictures Johanna!


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