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Monday, August 26, 2013


looking a wee bit nervous. His school is right at the end of this path. 

that's Strawberry the cat coming along for the first day of school

his new teacher,  Ms.Cindy

looking so little at his desk

just outside of Kluane National Park

Life has been busy lately. A move to a new community, setting up our new home, Noah's 4th birthday, Noah's first day of school, a drive into Whitehorse to say goodbye to Tati (we miss you Tati!) and a huge grocery shop ($800 worth)! All fun and wonderful things, all at once. I am really feeling the need to slow down and just be
The truth is, is that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. My mind skips from one thing to the next, my thoughts are all over the place, and same with my intentions. I feel like I can't complete one single thing, because my plate is full with too many other things. I have a list of ideas/projects that keeps growing, yet I can't seem to complete the tasks that I already have set before me. There's not enough time in the day, yet, I don't feel especially productive with the time that I have. I'm needing to slow down and more importantly, simplifySimplify my priorities, expectations, and life.
There are things that I want, crave and need for myself, yet something is getting in the way of it. I want to make more time for creativity (art, journaling, crafting)...yet I get so preoccupied with other things (namely the computer). I'm not feeling present for some reason. I really feel the need to simplify. But how will I go about this?
Baby steps and one thing at a time. 
  • Today I posted a giant school year calender on our fridge and I am looking forward to using it. I want to organize my weeks and months so that I can look forward to what is ahead (and not stress over it). 
  • Lists. Well! Would you look at that! I'm making a list about making a list. No but seriously, I need to start writing down all of my tasks and prioritizing. Man, I'm really feeling like I am in high school Learning Strategies once again. 
  • Using my time wisely. Finding time (at the end of the day), for the things that I really want to do (art, going to the gym, journaling ect). 
  • And so I leave you with "catch up" pictures. Pictures from Noah's real birthday, his first day of school, and our most recent drive from Whitehorse back to Beaver Creek. And yes, the snow that you see in the mountain pictures is fresh. And we all know what fresh snow on the mountains means....I won't even go there!


  1. Thinking of you and wishing for you all, happiness and good times in your new home.
    Happy days, Betty

  2. must be one dangerous school if he needs a police escort to get there ;) I know your feelings of just chaos, being overwhelmed, having a lot to do but doing nothing and not being sure how that happened. I think it's just the ebb and flow that comes with so many whirlwind changes. Now that you are back to a family of 4, now that you are in your new house, now that a lot of the new things have started you will find your rhythm and carve out a productive time. You are trying to make life safe and comfortable for 2 little souls who are dealing with a lot of change, give it some time and let yourselves fall smoothly into a groove.


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