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Thursday, August 1, 2013



It feels like such a long time since I've been here to write about what we've been up to. The truth is, is that the last few weeks have been so full of fun times and adventure that I have had little time to sit down and write it all down (or type it I should say). But I know deep down that I would be sad if I didn't get some of it down, I really do love going back in time and looking at old blog posts. So here I go with what we have been doing lately.
Almost 2 weeks ago, Winslow joined us here in Ottawa and it has been so wonderful to have him home. We've done lots of family outings together and it's been so much easier to have a second set of parental hands on deck (especially when temper tantrums occur).
We've also managed to sneak off for a few dates together, which has been so nice! Usually we either have to shell out $30 for a babysitter when we are back home, or we sheepishly have to call on our good friends to come over and watch the kids for a bit, but here in Ottawa we have a house full of babysitters who have so graciously allowed us to have some time together. One night we went down to a local upscale bar for some appies and drinks and then last night we went all out for our anniversary and went here. Let me tell you... 3 hours of quiet was bliss! Throw in a sunset, some wine and an appie plate to share, then a starry sky with a warm infinity pool.... it felt like we were in a different world.
But back to what we've been up to for the last two weeks....
Well for starters, my sister in law, Kristine and her wonderful guy Jaime just got married and it was such a beautiful day. I had the pleasure of taking the pictures, and I was just so blown away with how gorgeous she looked. It was very special that I got to be the one to capture the day in it's entirety, from beginning to end. To see all of the family (from near and far) so happy and being together was really special. Everyone had such a great time at the reception, dancing like it was nobody's business! And the kids were all so cute! My niece Ariyana (Kristine and Jamie's daugher) and Katia were the flower girls, and Noah and Lazaro (Jaime and Kristine's nephew) were the ring bearers. It was so sweet to see them all dressed up, especially the boys in their barong tagalogs I will definitely be sharing some photos here once I get them edited.
And what else could possibly top a wedding you ask? Well let me tell you! On Sunday July 21st we had a surprise baby shower tea party for Sarah at the lovely Nectar teahouse and then just less than a week later on July 26th, beautiful baby Summer joined the Niman family. Summer is the fourth Niman girl to be born to the family and she is absolutely a dream come true! I'm heading over to sneak a cuddle with her tomorrow!
So many wonderful things that have happened in just a few short weeks and I am feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the time that we have had with our family and friends here in Ottawa. At first I was a bit worried about being here for 7 whole weeks, but now with less than 2 weeks of our time here left, I am trying to squeeze in all that I can.
Its been so special for me to see the children have time with their extended family and to play and get to know their cousins so well. It's also been very nice for me to have some time to do things for myself such as shopping and going out for coffee or lunch with my girl friends.
We still have 1.5 more weeks here and in that time we are squeezing in a trip to New Hampshire, as well as a day trip to Montreal. Of course there will  visits with family and friends and lots of hanging out too. But I just can't help but feel sad already in knowing that soon our time will be coming to an end. It really has been so special to be home for this whole time.
More to come soon!
Happy summer days! xox


  1. These photographs are so summery and cheerful. Wow! I am glad to hear you are enjoying the season. Your kids look so happy. And I think it's great that you all manage to get family photos snapped so often.

  2. Love the pictures!! Happy to see you are enjoying your holidays. xox


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