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Monday, November 5, 2012

playing in the snow

This morning we woke up to a beautiful fresh blanket of snow. It was warm outside and I knew that I wanted to take the children out to play later on in the day. We proceeded on with our morning.
Preschool drop offs, a coffee date with my friend and our two babies, back home for lunch and naps.
Then it was time to head outdoors.
I've discovered that I really really dislike getting two children ready to go outside in the winter. Snowsuits, mitts, hats, boots. I usually get Noah ready, send him out on the front steps (so he doesn't over heat while waiting) and then get Katia ready. It was hard to get out the door but when we did it was well worth it.
The first thing Katia did when she got outside was to plant her face right into the snow. She came up with a happy look on her face and proceeded to lick and eat the snow off her mittens`. It was absolutely priceless.
Noah got himself busy by painting the snow with colours. This was something that Leanne introduced to us last winter and has become a bit hit at our place. Red, green and blue were splattered around our front and back yard. He was very happy with himself.
After some play, I got out our wooden sled and took them around the block and through the back woods. This was Katia's first time on the sled and she really enjoyed herself. Noah hugged his sister tight so she wouldn't fall off.
After a walk around the neighbourhood and through the woods we cam back home for some hot chocolate. We had played hard and needed something to warm us up with.
This afternoon was just what we needed. Fresh crisp air, beautiful white snow and a bunch of firsts for my nearly one year old girl.
Katia was too young last winter to experience winter. Winter for her was mostly spent being snuggled up against me in her little baby carrier... oh I miss those days of teeny tinyness. But new we have new things to look forward to. A new season is here and I get to go out and play with my two little ones. And what could be better than that?

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