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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

back to our regularly scheduled blog posts

Yay, pictures are back up on my blog (after I shelled out a bit of cash money for it). That's okay though, this is my happy little place that I record our days in. It's important to me to keep it up (new blog banner will be coming soon). 

Life has been busy these past few weeks. There has been crafting and visiting with friends, angirls night in (wreath making and wine), trips to the library to stock up on Christmas books, cookie baking, craft sales and more.
Christmas is just around the corner and slowly we are getting ourselves ready. I wanted to wait until after Katia's birthday to make the house look Christmasy. Usually I am the type who would have it all up and out by now (the decorations I mean), but now that we have something else to celebrate first, I want to take our time with it. And that's okay, because I love Christmas, but I also get over stimulated by all the music and decorations and commercialism of it all. This year I want to take it in slowly and quietly and purposefully.
I have to say, I did not take in one Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale this season and it felt good. I am tired of feeling that we have to buy buy buy to make the holidays seem special. We don't have a ton of money this year for presents, nor do any of us need anything, and the feeling that we need to show our love by spending money really makes me ill sometimes. 
Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts and I do enjoy buying things (mindfully), but I hate the feeling of buying stuff for no good reason. I hate getting sucked into that. 
This year,  I am planning on doing some home made gifts (and small gifts from local shops) for friends and home made gifts for Noah's little friends, because I am a firm believer that gifts that are made form the heart are very meaningful and special. 
Around here, there have been pots of homemade potpourri simmering away on the stove. The smell of cinnamon and oranges make the house feel cozy and warm. I made a fresh homemade wreath for the front door and it couldn't have been easier. I like how simple and natural it looks. We have been reading Christmas books at bed time which has been very nice and we've been enjoying yummy hot chocolates and chair teas (in hopes of warming up our insides). 
We are spending lots of time indoors these days and have been enjoying our cozy home. This time of year allows us to slow down, play more inside, read books and watch favourite movies of ours. 
We are getting excited for the season that is upon us and we are getting ready for it bit by bit.
Hope you're days are warm and cozy.

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