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Thursday, November 15, 2012

11 months old, baby of mine

 just 10 days old

This is it folks...
My last post for Katia's first year. I may not have been on the ball all the time, but I am glad that I did her updates so that we can look back on her first year with a bit of insight into what she was like as a baby. In just 2 short weeks, my sweet precious babe will be one year old. I'm a bit at a loss for words actually. In my heart, I still remember vividly what it was like to be pregnant with her. It was such an amazing experience, one where I was very much connected to her, even before she was born. I really do feel like Katia and I have this strong bond that is based on trust and instinct... oh here I go, getting all deep and stuff. I'm telling you, in two weeks, I will be a wreck. Just saying that now.
Okay, so onto Katia's 11 month update.
At 11 months Katia is really starting to show us what she will be like as a one year old. She is standing up on her own and is just weeks away from walking. She is showing a strong sense of curiosity by pointing to everything, and saying what sounds like "dat" (what's that?).
She can dance like it's nobody's business by holding on tight to what ever is in front of her (chair, table) and shaking her self from side to side over and over again. Oh and she also does this strange head banging thing (like an 80s metal head), it's super funny.
She knows she's funny and says things like "ya!" in response to everything we say. She likes to get into cupboards and just today had a blast when she dumped an entire bag of oatmeal on the floor. She loves the snow (no surprise there, she is after all a Northern baby), and eats it when she is playing outside.
Our little girl is full of fun and craziness ( I wonder where she gets that from). Lately she has been especially clingy to me, which in all honesty is a nice thing actually. It might be hard to get things done around the house, but when you realize just how fast they grow up, it makes me want to hold onto the moments where she wants to cuddle and nurse and be held.

Katia at 11 months:
~ says Mama, Dada, Hi (when talking into the phone), Oah (Noah) and Ya!
~ waves "hello" and "bye bye"
~ stands for short periods on her own
~ loves to talk on the phone (geeee, where would she ever get that from)
~ likes to hold a crayon and draw on paper
~ goes up and down the stairs easily on her own
~ loves to play in the snow and eat it!
~ loves to play with her brother
~ points to things and says "dat"
~ is our sweet sweet girl

We love you Katia. Just 2 weeks until you have your 1st birthday!

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  1. tearing up at that picture of her just days old. Time goes too fast. She's a beautiful little girl and I know just how loved she is and how cherished she is.


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