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Sunday, August 19, 2012

my 3 year old boy

Little boy, you remind me of how so much depends on days made of now.
My Noah is 3 years old today and I'm feeling a mix of so many emotions. Of course I am proud of how far my sweet boy has come, but I also have a selfish tinge of sadness, because with the time that goes by, I know he is no longer my baby  boy.
From day one, Noah and I had such a strong intense bond. As I made my way through the first few weeks of mamahood, I slowly gave way to what I thought I knew about babies and began to learn who Noah was as an individual and what he needed. I have learned so much about myself from Noah and feel that we have a special bond because of this.
Noah is my special boy and always will be. He is a kind, gentle little boy, who loves the comforts of his home and family. He is sweet and innocent (for the most part), and I really am doing everything I can to help him stay a little boy and not feel rushed into being older.
Somethings never change for my boy, like the way he needs his baba (blanket) and soosoo (soother) to go to bed (yes I know we need to kick this habit), or the way he needs to cuddle at night to fall asleep (this I don't mind continuing). Other things that Noah continues to love to do are: reading (we go to the library every week to take out new books), help out in the kitchen with cooking, being outside in nature, and giving lots of love and attention to his sister.
Some new things/skills/interests that Noah has picked up recently are: his love for swimming (he used to be pretty scared of the swimming pool), an interest in arts and crafts (yay!!!!), and his ability to go on long walks (he used to get tired quickly and not want to walk).
Noah is a polite little boy with a sneaky silly sense of humour. It's hard to take him seriously sometimes.
He loves to break out into the craziest dances ever, and makes us laugh when he does this.
Noah, my wish for you as you make your way into your 3rd year is that you continue to grow and learn new things. That you do your best to try out new activities, even if you might find them challenging.
More than anything though, I want you to know just how much you are loved by so many people (your friends, your family, your Northern family). We all care so much about you, and are proud of you.
As your mama, I am reminded daily, that you are a gift from God. I love you so much my boy.
Happy birthday.


  1. Aw, happy birthday special little guy!

  2. You had a wild things party?!?! Awesome!!!

    Happy Birthday, Noah. Let the wild rumpus start :)

  3. I savored every word of this post...and it made me tear up, just imagining Rafael growing up to be a big boy. It's wonderful, but it goes so fast. :-(

    You did such an awesome job with his party! He must have loved it!



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