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Saturday, June 9, 2012

my 6 month beauty

As always, I am a bit behind with my sweet girl's monthly update. But better late than never!
Katia turned 6 months old on May 28th. She's quite the little lady I must say, with a spunky personality and a bit of a tough girl attitude.
At 6 months, Katia is doing all kinds of fun and new things.
She has tasted her first food and now has 2 small meals a day (and sometimes some little snacks here and there). Some of her favourite foods are sweet potatoes, apple sauce, minced chicken and bananas.  Katia still likes to nurse a lot and that makes me happy of course.
She now sits up on her own, and seems to be very proud to do so. I think she enjoys the feeling of being part of the action. Before she would often lay down next to us (if I couldn't hold her at that time) and she would get frustrated. Now she can be part of the group and play with a toy while Noah and I build train tracks or castles with his blocks.
Katia likes to be busy and is showing th beginning signs of wanting to get up on her knees to crawl!
Today while was in Winslow's arms and crying, we both said to her, "if you want Mama, then say Mama" and then she did. This is not the first time she's done this either and really, I can't hide just how proud and warm this makes me feel. My little girl says "Mama" when she wants me .... she knows who I am and I am what she wants. Is there really anything better than that in the whole wide world? I think not.
Katia is going through a "making strange" faze, where if anyone other than her daddy tries to take her away from me, her face scrunches up into the saddest little look in the whole wide world. It's so sweet and sad at the same time.
Katia, you make everyone in our little family just so happy. Your big brother Noah loves you so much (sometimes he's a little jealous, but mostly he loves you), and your Mama and Dada think you are just the sweetest little peach there is! You makes us all laugh with your funny little expressions and the silly noises you make (she growls just like Noah did as a baby). Happy 6 months sweet girl!


  1. can't believe she is already six months!! Oh my goodness where does the time go!??
    I absolutely LOVE her in those colours! That head band is adorable! Well done capturing her in all zestfulness! She is precocious!

  2. I can hardly belive shes had her half birthday alread! Sheesh! What a sweet, clever girl she is growing into!


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