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Monday, April 9, 2012

easter snap shots

It's a special thing for us to be home over a holiday and it's even more special to spend a holiday with family. On Saturday I had my niece, nephews, sister and best friend over for some Easter crafting and lunch and then on Sunday we were lucky enough to be invited to two holiday dinners, one at my in-law's (a lunch) and then dinner at my sister's house.
I really look forward to holidays. It's a time to come together, create memories and build on traditions. Now that I have my own children, I look forward to holidays because I know how much they mean to the little ones. These are memories that they will hold onto forever and I'm happy that we could be with family for this particular holiday.
On Sunday morning Noah went off to church with Winslow and his family. I had hoped to join them, but Katia had been up all night the night before not feeling well, so I felt it was in her best interest to stay home and rest. I'm happy to say she is feeling much better and is back to herself.
That afternoon we had lunch with my in-laws and we all sat around the big table, eating and being together. It was very nice. Later on we went over to my sister's house, where my brother in law made a delicious turkey dinner that we enjoyed very much. The cousins also had a wonderful time together playing.
I hope your holiday was a special one too!
ps. I was so happy that I found a bush full of pussy willows near by Winslow's parent's house when we were out on a walk. I brought home some branches and made an Easter tree out of them. This is something that my mother used to do for us when we were little, and I wanted to carry on that tradition with our family.

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  1. I love pussy willows! What a lovely tradition! x


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