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Sunday, February 19, 2012

little pockets of time

(hard to believe my nephew Tariq used to wear this blue hoodie and handmade socks made by nana)

It was busy around here over the weekend. On Friday we got some exciting news that our friend Sarah was in labour with her twins. They were born that afternoon. Sarah and Rich's daughter Abby came to spend some time with us, it was so much fun having her here and waiting for the news from her parents. 
In amongst the excitement and visits to the hospital, there were quiet moments too. Naps, time with just Noah, snacks, baking, walks around the neighbourhood, watching Daddy play basketball.
Now the children are asleep and I think I will soon follow. 


  1. Sounds like a beautiful weekend indeed -- and yay twins!!

  2. I just love coming here and visiting you and your family, hearing what's new, watching your little ones grow.

  3. There's something about a baby in a big bed...just so adorable...


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