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Sunday, January 8, 2012

handmade giving

Christmas may well be over, but I wanted to share with you this little toy that I made to give to the babies in my life for Christmas this year. It's a simple taggie triangle that has two different materials on either side (for texture and colour) and has cellophane paper inside to make it crinkle. It was really easy to sew up, so easy in fact that I made up 4 of them in like 10 minutes. Done and done!

I wish I had taken step-by-step photos to show you how to do it but I didn't, so these instructions will have to do. Feel free to ask me any questions if it doesn't make sense.

Step 1:

Gather supplies : 2 different fabrics, assorted silky ribbons, stuffing and cellophane paper. You will need scissors and a sewing machine too.

Step 2:

With a pen on the WRONG SIDE, free hand draw a triangle onto one of your fabrics. Make the triangle larger than what you hope it to be, as you will need extra room for the seams. I would go 4 inch long sides.

Step 3:

Hold your two different fabrics together and carefully cut out the triangle. You should have 2 pieces of fabric cut exactly the same now. Place the fabrics RIGHT SIDE together.

Step 4:

Cut 3 different coloured ribbons to 2 inches. Fold the ribbons in half and place them in miscellaneous spots inside the triangle. Pin them in place.

Step 5:

With your sewing machine, follow the outside and sew the triangle, leaving about a 2.5 inch space unsewn so that you can turn it inside out.

Step 6:

Turn the triangle inside out and then stuff the triangle with stuffing. Don't fill it too much, as you also want to put cellophane paper inside it too. I kept taking stuffing out and adding more cellophane until I was happy with the the softness-to-crinkle ratio.

Step 7:

Hold the gap closed tight and sew up the triangle with your machine or by hand.

And that is that! A super simple tactile and colourful toy that takes no time to make.

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