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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

enjoying the moment

It's been just over a week since little Katia was born into this world. Since she joined the family, life has just been so blissful and happy. Of course there have been some sleepless nights, recovery on my part and a few outbursts from a certain 2 year old, but all in all, we are doing well and we are all happy, and that's what's most important right?
Before Katia was born, I did my best to get as many Christmas decorations up as I could. I also got our cards out early as I knew I wouldn't be able to do much after she was born. I had visions of being all organized and ready to go for Dec. 1st, with fun Advent ideas and a list of Christmas activities to do with Noah, but alas I must fess up, a lot of those ideas have not come to happen. I've had to pair down many of my ideas, but we have managed to do a few fun Christmasy things. Our book advent? Well it's going to be a 12 days of Christmas countdown (a much better scale of a countdown for a 2 year old anyway). And my list of activities? Does watching a Christmas movie and eating Christmas treats count?
Having a baby is a great lesson in learning to let go. Letting go of sleep, of expectations and of ideas on how things will be all perfect, letting go of the house and appearances, and it's funny because in letting go of all that superficial stuff, what I am left with is a simple and pretty wonderful scene in front of me.We are all doing well. We are all managing to eat proper meals (with thanks to our friends who have dropped off some yummy food), we get our sleep where we can and we are staying civil with one another. The rest of it all is just the icing on the top.
And so here we are, 1.5 weeks into being a family of four and doing pretty well at it. We are enjoying a lovely visit with my mom (Nana from PEI) and we are excited that my sister Sarah and her little babe Bowan will be visiting us in just a few days. Oh and we even managed to have Saint Nicholas visit us in the night on Dec.5th. Not bad I'd say.

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  1. So happy to hear that Katia's first week is going so well for your family. I pray that everything continues to be well with you and your family!


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