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Monday, November 7, 2011

easy does it monday

Happy Monday dear friends.
Our weekend was a simple one. One that included some crafting, lots of rest, some household cleaning, cooking, going for walks, church, visits with friends and movie watching. It was easy and slow and just what we all needed.
On Friday night I had been experiencing some serious cramping and contractions and had myself fooled into believing that baby could be coming soon, but obviously we had no such luck and I am still very much pregnant. I am starting to grow impatient and really want her to come, but on the other hand I am trying to remind myself that this time before she comes is a gift and I need to use it wisely.
Speaking of using my time wisely, I have been trying to tackle my holiday gift giving list and decide on what I am going to make/give this year to friends and family. The Christmas cards are nearly finished (although they won't be sent out for a while still) and I am trying to figure out what to work on in terms of crafting and homemade gift giving. It may seem early to some, but since I am due with our lil one at the end of the month, I really only have a few more weeks to tackle some of these ideas of mine.... maybe it's not such a bad thing that she wait bit.
We went for a walk yesterday, Winslow, Noah and I. Now that I am 37 weeks along, I am no longer at risk for having to leave the Yukon if I go into labour, so I'm starting to pick up my walking again. It was cold outside and because of the daylight savings time, the sun was starting to go down at about 3:30, so it felt even more cold with less sunlight. Never the less, we bundled up and hit the trails behind out house. Noah was all cozy in his covered Chariot stroller while wearing his snowsuit. I on the other hand was a bit cold as my jacket will not zip up over my big belly anymore! Lately I've been wearing this woolen zip up sweater with a big scarf and then my winter coat over top undone. I'll be happy when I can fit into my winter coat once again.
On our walk we saw all kinds of things and then at the end this sweet little dog ran over to say "hi" to us. We have all kinds of friendly (and well taken care of I should add) dogs in our neighbourhood. People are just a bit more lenient about letting them roam a bit and that's okay by me because I like dogs quite a lot. I managed to snap a pic of the friendly dog that came to say hi to us.
And so that is it for now. I hope the start to your week is easy. Be back soon dear friends.


  1. Oh, you look so beautiful, Johanna. It was always hard for me to embrace those last days. Take care.

  2. Looking as lovely as ever, Jo! Enjoy this time because it will be gone before you know it. Noah won't be your only baby anymore... I remember trying hard to appreciate all the time I had with Dylan in the weeks leading up to Sawyer's arrival and cherishing it {much as I wanted to be done with the loooong pregnancy and the havoc it was wreaking on my body}

    I'm impressed you've written all your Christmas cards. I'm going to get started on mine soon.



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