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Thursday, October 6, 2011

a little bit of this and that: Noah edition

It's been a while since I've dedicated a post to my main little man, so I thought I'd do a little update on what Noey is up to these days.
The biggest thing that is happening (or is about to happen) is that Noey is going to become a big brother at the end of November. I'm not too sure how much of that he truly understands, but he has been taking a keen interest in other people's babies and likes to tell us and everyone else that he is going to have a baby sister. He also loves to give kisses to the baby by kissing my tummy, which is really sweet I think.
Other things that are new in Noah's life? Well since returning from our vacation we have been working on potty training, which has ben going pretty well. Noah had experienced the potty back in June and had done really well with it for about a week, but then he started to show a fear of it, so we decided to hold off for a while. Upon returning from our trip though, Winslow and I talked about it and felt that we should try to pick it up again. We wanted to do it before the baby comes, because there is a good chance that we will be pretty preoccupied when that time comes and we don't want to put it off for too long. So far we have had some successes, but the real test will be when we pull the diapers right out of the equation and go straight to underpants. I'm thinking that that will be soon. Stay tuned.
What else? Well Noah is a busy guy these days with lots to talk about. Over the summer, Noah's language really developed and we have been enjoying hearing what he has to say. He also LOVES to sing songs and enjoys going to Mother Goose once a week where we learn new songs and sing old favourites.
His favourite toys these days are his trains, fire trucks and any kind of sports equipment (mini hockey sticks, soccer and his bike ect). He loves playdoh, colouring and doing arts and crafts with me! He loves to be read to, having play dates with friends and enjoys going for walks outdoors.
The thing I love most about my little Noey though is that he is still very cuddly and sweet. Noah has always been a cuddly boy ever since he was a babe and I'm so glad that he continues to be this way. One of my favourite things that he does is points to me and says "my mama" and then hugs me or kisses me. And to that I respond, "my Noah" and give him a big hug or kiss right back. Oh it melts my heart every time.
And that is my little update of my sweetie pie Noah. He'll always be my baby boy, my sweet little Noah.


  1. and now I am sitting on my bed getting ready for my last day of work bawling my eyes out over this post.


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