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Monday, September 12, 2011

farewell to P.E.I.

It's hard to say good bye to a place that makes one oh so happy. I've said it before, P.E.I. is my happy place, and sure enough as we drove off the island on Sunday morning I bawled my eyes out (just as my mom used to do) just at the thought of leaving. I was sad to leave for many reasons. Sad to say good bye to my family, sad to say good bye to the ocean and the country views that I love so much, sad to say good bye to that feeling of peace and calm I get when being there and sad because it will be a while till we get to go back (years probably).
Our time on the island was a good mix of family time, play time, exploring, relaxing and a wedding thrown in there for good measure. It was busy and I could've used another week just to have time to put around and drink my coffee on the wrap around porch, but all in all, I am extremely grateful that we had the opportunity to go.
One of the most wonderful parts of the trip was that my family from all over came to the island for the week. My almost 90 year old grandmother came from Ontraio, my sister and sweet nephew came from North West Territories, my great aunt came from Texas, and my 2 aunts from the North and Ontario came as well. We also brought along my in-laws from Ottawa, who had never been to the island and ended up loving the place just as I thought they would. It was a big family reunion, something that doesn't happen as often as I'd like and it was very special.
Our time was short there and I didn't get to spend near enough time with everyone as I hoped I would, but I did get to check things off my summer vacation list that I had dreamed of doing. Things like taking Noah to the beach and watching him dip his toes in the ocean. Making sand castles and collecting shells. Eating too much island ice cream (is there such a thing?) and eating all kinds of yummy seafood (delicious fish chowder yum !). So can you see why it was hard to leave? I supposed it's always hard to leave a place where good memories are made.
But don't worry too much about me. I've been able to find a silver lining to having our P.E.I. vacation come to an end, which is always important. Ever since moving to Whitehorse and now having lived a full year up there, I have become more and more happy and comfortable with the life we live there. I like who were are as a family when living up in the Yukon. I like the simple living and less is more approach about living in the North. I love our home and the friends, who are more like family, that we have made there. So it was bitter sweet to leave my happy place, but nice to know deep down that we have a home and town in the North that awaits us. It's a good feeling to miss home wouldn't you say?
And so for the next two weeks, Winslow, Noah and I will be hanging out here in Ottawa with our families and friends. We will be making the most of all the wonderful things that our former city has to offer before we head back to the North for a another cold and long winter.
I'll be back with more pictures of beautiful Ottawa! See you soon!

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  1. PEI really is one of the most wonderful places in Canada. There's something about it that's just so ... magical.

    Enjoy Ottawa. Another lovely spot in this great big country of ours!


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