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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

guess what....

Hi friends! I don't quite know why it's taken me this long to make this exciting announcement to you, but I guess I just needed to do it in my own time. But here it goes...we are expecting a little baby! Yes, I am pregnant! 17 weeks to be exact.
Maybe it was because I wanted to make sure our pregnancy was safe and viable or maybe I was just enjoying "our little secret" but one look at my belly and there is no hiding it now, so finally, I am ready to share our exciting news with all of you.
This is such an exciting time for us and I just know that so many things are about to change for our family. We are about to go from 3 to 4 and Noah is about to become a big brother. I can't tell you how hard it was for me to wrap my mind around that idea, but despite some of these concerns, I know deep in my heart that this is the most amazing thing that is going to happen to us. Our family is growing and what a blessing is that?
As for me, I'm feeling really really good these days. For the first few months I was very very tired and had some nausea. I was taking naps so often and finding myself just exhausted at the end of a full day with Noah, but now I seem to have my energy back and my appetite too, which is nice. I also finally have an interest in cooking once again, something both Winslow and Noah I'm sure are happy about.

A few fun facts about this pregnancy this far...
  • we got to see our little baby during our first ultrasound at 9 weeks. It was so tiny then but we could still make out a sweet little face.
  • I have started to feel some movement. I started to feel this last week at 16 weeks. It feels like a small wave going through my lower tummy area. It's a pretty amazing feeling.
  • my cravings this far have been, breakfast sandwiches from Baked Cafe (a Whitehorse fav), guacamole, lemonade and sweets.
  • I have been living in my hand-me-down lulu lemon yoga pants.
  • I am due November 27th, exactly a year after my sister's due date.
  • If all goes well and our baby cooperates, we should find out the sex of our baby on June 30th ( in 9 days!)
And so that is it my dear friends. I hope you don't mind if my blog turns into a bit of a pregnancy log from time to time. I do want to document this pregnancy a bit for my future self and our little babe-to-be.
Thanks for letting me share my feels good to finally be able to talk about it.


  1. Holy cow!! Congrats to your little family--are Winslow + Noah as excited as you!?

  2. I'm so excited for you!! Let me know what size LuluLemon Hoodie you are. I've got one lying around that's one size too big for me (size 10), and I'm trying to offload it. It's never been worn or washed. :)

  3. Again I say Yay! Yay! Yay! So very happy for you all!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting, just in time for Christmas! :)

  5. That is such exciting news, Johanna! I was so thrilled for you when I read it on Facebook today! And that photo of you in Dawson City is just beautiful. Pregnancy looks good on you!

    Two changes everything. But you'll adjust and it will be wonderful. Congratulations again!

  6. So fantastic!

    Congratulations on your coming addition.


  7. Congratulations!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy. :)
    xoxo Dawn

  8. You know I'm so thrilled for you guys <3 SO MUCH LOVE!!

  9. Congratulations to you,Winslow,and Noah!!...Babies are ALWAYS A BLESSING from God!!

    Enjoy your pregnancy and the time that the three of you will share until there's a fourth member in the family!! :)

  10. Wow! What a blessing! I'm so happy for you and your sweet family.

  11. I am so happy to hear your wonderful news Johanna.!

  12. How exciting! Congratulations... love the belly shot!

  13. Congrats! How excitinG!



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