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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

fun ideas for the little ones found on pinterest

I was warned. Be careful. It's addictive. I've heard it called a rabbit hole and my sister warned me that I would waste too much time on it and it's true. It's all true. Pinterest has definitely caught my interest and I'm loving all the inspiration that can be found there.
So far I've really enjoyed finding new ideas for things to do with my busy little man. It's like a perfectly curated collection of some of the best ideas out there!
Today I had a little sick one on my hands and took a quick glance through my page devoted to ideas for children and babes and found a great recipe for homemade playdough. This playdough turned out very soft and malleable. It involves being cooked on the stove top and instead of using cream of tartar (because I didn't have any), I used vinegar.
Next time I make this playdough I plan on tweaking the recipe a bit to my liking. Next time, less vegetable oil and maybe some vanilla extract for scent but for the most part, I really enjoyed making and playing with this playdough and so did Noey!
Next on our list? Outdoor waterplay on our back deck! A table, some basins, and some simple water should be fun!
How about you? Are you on Pinterest or are you staying far away? Let me know if you are on it so that I can add you!


  1. I am staying far away! I dont need another e-addiction, oh goodness! I'll just steal yours! :) So is it like a basin of water and some toys on the back deck? That sounds fun!

  2. just discovered it! very, very addictive.

  3. i'm addicted! i love the ideas that you come across and pin...perfect for my 2 yr. old nephew!


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