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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

waiting for Spring to come

Yesterday the most delicious stream of light came through our window early in the morning. It was bright and strong and unlike anything we've seen all winter. The days are still very cold here in the Yukon, but the light is coming back, quickly. Last night at 7:30 the sky was still light. Not super bright, but a soft turquoise. It's almost a tease though, because the light is calling us out of hibernation but the cold, oh the cold is just too much to bear.
And so we are still trying to come up with ways to be creative and to spend our time in the house.
Just about a month ago we caved in and bought cable tv. We had lasted almost 7 months without it and did very well, but I think the winter has just been too hard on us. In the summer we were able to get outside often and were able to entertain ourselves with all the fun outdoor options that are available to us here. But this winter has been hard on all of us and sometimes we all need a break from each other and that is where the tv has come into play. I'm certain that we will cancel it again once it turns warm enough to be outside again.
But I'm here to share some pictures of us playing and entertaining ourselves sans tv.
The first is of that delicious stream of light that I was telling you about. Noah was in the middle of drawing (and I was helping him too) when he started to see his shadow in the stream of light. I then ran to get my camera and take some pictures of it. That stream of light got me excited. It reminded me that we are past the dark days of winter and that there is a countdown now to warmer days.
The other pictures are of Noey playing with his organic shaped blocks. I love these blocks so much because they are non toxic, handmade and big and chunky. As I've mentioned before, I feel like every time a tower is made with them that it is almost like an abstract sculpture. Our friend Eugenia gave them to us for Noah's first birthday. She got them in Montreal at this place, I think. I think you can get similar ones on Nova Natural. Definitely worth the money I say because we have so much fun with them and are beautiful and timeless pieces to have.
And finally some cute apple shots. This is how Noah ate his apple today. In cute little circular bites. I couldn't help but take a few pictures of it. I think I'll peel it now and slice it up for him to eat later, that's how he usually eats an apple.
And so that is it from here today. Lots of indoor play and pictures. We are definitely waiting for warmer weather and are desperately trying to entertain ourselves in the meantime. If you have any great ideas on ways to pass the time with a busy toddler send them my way please.
Happy Wednesday dear friends!


  1. My daughter eats her apple exactly the same way. My husband wonders why I give her the whole thing instead of slicing it, but I think it's more fun getting to hold the apple.

    Kara (Matt,Kara,Hunter & Cavan) suggested a while back to me that she let her boys fill the sink with warm water and bubbles, letting them "help" do the dishes. I gave it a try with my daughter and she had a great time!

  2. The bathtub is a favorite. We make forts. Read books, wash dishes, see friends. Winters are so long! I don't know how the pioneers did it!:)

  3. Wow, Johanna... I don't know how you do it. I'd go crazy! A few little boy favourites here include making homemade playdough, building blanket forts and having living room picnics inside, and drawing road maps on big sheets of paper to drive our little cars around on.

  4. Love your photos! The crayons and play blocks make great close ups; great idea.

  5. Beautiful shots Johanna! I take back my question to you on my blog about the return of the sun near you. ;)


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