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Friday, March 11, 2011

around the house, happy weekend

Happy Friday and happy weekend dear friends.
I hope your weekend is full of cozy moments and a little bit of adventure.
Here are a few snaps from around the home. A few things to note.
  • when it starts to get a bit "hairy", I like to turn off the t.v., put on the music and get out the playdoh. ahhhh silence.
  • multi coloured mini marshmallows are a special treat for a special boy.
  • a bottle of riesling in a pretty blue bottle is a special treat for a mama ;O)
  • sometimes it's good to switch up the decor in the home.
And that's all from here folks. This weekend my hunny will be working, so that means full days of entertaining Noah. And with this winter that just seems to be dragging, well you can imagine how that's going.
Last night I finally got to see the norther lights! They weren't super bright because we live in a pretty residential part of town, but still I saw them.
And that's about it for now. Simple adventures like star/northern lights gazing. Pretty awesome!
I hope you are all well dear friends.


  1. Happy weekend to you! Hope you find bits of sunshine here and there!

  2. How cool to see the Northern Lights... yay, another milestone in your new home.
    Love the pretty shots from your day. It's fun to get a glimpse into the lives of others.
    We have a similar "chill out" routine at our house. We need to make some new playdoh though... ours is all dried out and crumbly... not too fun. Have a lovely weekend!


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