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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 43

Johanna (left): Meet Star-Paco (named by my niece and nephew) the amazing hairless cat. She's the newest family member to my sister's family. She's quite the character if I do say so myself and can definitely stand her own.

Desiree (right): Christmas might be over, but we're still celebrating... with sights and scents and holiday spirit. New Year's Eve is right around the corner, as is Gretchen's 2nd (gasp!) birthday. January will be a wonderful month


  1. That cat is AWESOME! I've never seen a hairless cat with pattern in its non-fur before. Star-Paco has calico-like markings, it seems. What an unusual/lovely creature (that will never shed = bliss!). :)

  2. Thanks Caren!
    You are right! Star Paco is a rare type of cat and very loved by my sister and her family. I'll tell her all the nice things you said about her.


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