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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

for a soon to be baby bear

You may or may not have picked up on my subtle hints over the past few months that there is a special baby in my life who will be making his grand appearance soon.
No no-it's not me...don't worry I haven't been keeping a secret from you, but it is the news of someone who is very close to me. The parents have asked me (a complete blabber mouth) to keep the news to a minimum and so that's why I haven't gone ballistic with posts about this sweet little baby bear that I can't wait to meet, but that doesn't mean that I can't share with you one of the gifts that I made for him, a taggie blanket, made by me just for him.
Please keep in mind that I am in no ways a quilter or anything of the like, I just sew for fun, and that's it.
So for now I am keeping quiet about this soon to be baby, but you must know that I am just over the moon excited for this little guy's big debut.
When the time comes I will for sure share pictures of him.


  1. I got really excited there for a minute :) But, I'm still pretty exciting for this little cub that's coming into your life...such a cute little blanket perfect for a babe that sounds like he'll make his appearance mid-winter! :)

  2. It's gorgeous! What a fun blankie. It is sure to become a favorite! Looking forward to a time when you might have some news like this of your own to share!

  3. I thought you meant you at first!
    The blanket is beautiful, Johanna :)

  4. So what is beter than anticipating the arrival of a new one. Hurrah and celebrate!

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  5. i know! You have been talking about that sweet babe and I can't wait to hear!:)

  6. beautiful blankie! i love the colours... can you teach me? i might have to make one of those at some point :) xoxo

  7. Gorgeous quilt, Johanna! Add it to the list of your many talents!


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