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Monday, October 18, 2010

birch trees, crafting and baking

Happy Monday! Is it bad that I love Monday? I'm sorry if you don't share the sentiment, I'll try to keep my enthusiasm down a bit.
I think I'm just really excited right now because this weekend coming up is my first ever Yukon craft sale and this one in particular is a really neat one because it is being held at my friend's house. It's going to be a small, intimate grouping of about 10 local artists/crafters and I'm just so giddy with excitement to see how it turns out.
So this week is going to be a bit crazy, with last minute preparation, last minute printing and packaging...I'm one of those types that works well under pressure.
Oh and on top of being busy with crafting I've been having a huge craving for oatmeal raisin cookies...I'm thinking that I may need to give into that craving and do some baking as well.
I'm going to leave you with a few photos that I took over the weekend while I was at a workshop being taught by Daryl Benson. I really enjoyed hearing him give his presentation on his work but I think more than anything, I just really enjoyed being a student again and learning some new things about photography.
So happy's to being busy and taking full advantage of the 24hrs that there are in a day.


  1. Happy Monday to you too! Monday is just about over's 11.38pm and I'm just about to turn in. Sounds like a busy week ahead for you. Hope all your preparations go well for a very enjoyable and successful week-end.

  2. I love the perspective in your photos. Really beautiful! I'd love to know more about what you are making for the craft fair. How fun!

  3. Have fun getting ready for your first craft sale!!

  4. I love Monday as well!!! Hugs and love sweet friend! xo

  5. Hi Johanna!
    I received your sweet swap package in the mail today! What a treat! And, I'm very happy to be introduced to your blog. Thank you so much for the cute book, the beautiful quote, the perfect shell, and the bright shiny postcards! I plan to try out your muffin recipe soon. Happy Autumn!
    love and light,


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