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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 32

Desiree (left): Autumn has always been my favourite season. September has always been about school supplies & jumping in leaf piles, fresh paper & cider. Just the smell of the season gets my whole body excited. I can feel it in my skin (I can feel it in my bones). I hope that Gretchen loves it as much as I do. So far, I think she just might.

Johanna (right):It was a cold morning, minus 5 degrees and fog was rising steadily off of the Yukon River. We were on our way up North to visit some firends of ours and I asked Winslow to pull over onto the side of the road so that I could get a picture. The sun was just beginning to peak over the mountains and frost was touching the tops of each blade of grass and each little plant that was in that field. It was the first morning that I realized that we are in for a long long winter ahead.

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