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Monday, September 13, 2010

monday morning and some link love

Good Monday morning dear friends! Is there anything better than a Monday morning...well for many yes, but still I'm liking the possibilities of a new day and a new week.
This past weekend was perfectly lovely. A delicious Asain potluck with good friends, lot's of photo taking, lot's of country drives, good comfort food like lasagna shared with friends...exactly what a good weekend should be.
This week is all about getting myself in gear for the coming art show season. I have decided to display my work (art and photography) in two Christmas art/craft shows. I'll be selling prints, note cards, post cards and my Christmas birdie ornaments. It may seem crazy to be thinkingthis far ahead but I'm feeling the pressure to get on it! And also by doing this I will be fulfilling one of my 4 goals!

And a little link love....
Happy Monday friends! Hope this week goes by without a hitch!

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