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Monday, June 28, 2010

to my playful little boy, happy 10 months

Boy he is a busy little one. Oh how fun it is to watch him go! My big boy is already 10 months and these are the things he is up to these days:

  • he is using some signs, like "more" and when he has to go to the bathroom
  • he pulls himself up to stand
  • he can hold his own sippy cup and drink from it
  • he claps his hands and waves "hi"
  • he is eating all kinds of new foods and loves his veggies (makes his mama proud)
  • we are still nursing :o)
  • he shakes his head no when he doesn't want anymore to eat
  • he still wakes a few times a night to nurse
  • he's back in our bed and we are happy with that decision. It works for us and we all sleep better
  • he has 4 teeth now
  • he makes a lion sound when we point out the lion in his books. He also make sthis sound at other times just for attention. It's cute
  • he loves the swing at the park
  • he loves older children, He just watches them in awe.
Happy 10 months Noah. You are really turning into your own little person. I love it when you fid something particularly funny and you just laugh and laugh. And I feel so lucky to get to spend my days with you, watching you grow. Your smile makes everything better....I love you so much my sweetie!


  1. Gosh, he looks so much older than just 10 months, to me. Maybe its all that beautiful hair :)


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