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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

oh sleep, where art thou?

You may have heard that in the summer the Yukon receives almost 24hrs of light and it's pretty much true. I guess we are approaching the longest day of the year, June 21st.
I can imagine that for some, all this sunlight would be fun. Sure, you can go out all night, hang out at the park, sit up late with friends...but for us, well, it's just been plain old confusing. Really, since we've been here it's just felt like one very long day with no real end. Oh and Noah has been getting up at 3:30, 4:30 and then 5 am everyday just convinced that it's time to be up....oh help!
So here are 3 pictures from last night. The first was taken at 9:15 pm when I couldn't sleep....notice how it looks like it is mid afternoon? The second and third were taken an hour later at 10:30 pm (when I still couldn't sleep).
I now know that we are definitely going to have to invest in some good curtains that keep out the sun. The ones in the hotel here aren't that great.
Here's hoping for some more rest.
Signed, your very sleepy friend.


  1. maybe go get some tinfoil or invest in a curtain while you are there? people must get used to it... then again, maybe they just adapt... the kids here play outside til all hours! i'm staying up later than i would, too... which can make mornings yucky, but it is nice to have the extra light after work... not looking forward to the opposite -- no sun -- either, tho.

  2. That seems crazy. I need my dark time. I bet for days with clouds, and if they never came, and the stars never fell, I'd surely lose my mind.

  3. I just had dinner with my friend who grew up in Anchorage. She said her mom would put tin foil on the windows and that there was a neighbor boy who always showed up to play around midnight! We love our room blackening shades. You'll have to check those out!!

  4. Oh wow, I feel like I can hardly imagine a place like this!

    I think I'll need to see it for myself someday!

  5. wow! doesn't seem real. i'd probably have a hard time sleeping too.

  6. Don't worry, you will all get used to it! I bought some (cheap) vinyl pull down blinds for the kids rooms that block most of it. Around 6pm every night we lower all the blinds to help the kids settle.


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