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Sunday, June 27, 2010


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I was up all last night, eyes glued to the television watching the chaos unfold in a city that I normally live 45 minutes away from. Police cars set on fire, shops and media headquarters vandalized, wasn't the Toronto that we are used to seeing
Yesterday and today Toronto will be hosting the G20 Summit, a meeting for world leaders to get together and talk about the pressing issues of today. Some say it is an important venue for leaders to come together and talk. Others argue against it and say that it is an undemocratic meeting, that it excludes other countries from the discussion table, only allowing the wealthy countries to come together. And some argue that all that comes from these summits are empty promises, a huge bill to foot (they have spent at least 1 billion dollars in security alone), a lot of talk and not enough action.
And while I see merit in the criticism of the G20 I don't see how violence and criminal action can be justified. Really when it comes down to it, why on earth would anyone want to listen to an angry violent criminal? And who are these anarchists trying to punishing when they set fires to shops and police cars....the people they are punishing are the public, the shop owners, the tax payers. Keep it peaceful people!
Call me crazy, but doesn't it make more sense to be productive in your criticism of the injustices in our society?
This is what I would say to those angry anarchists who seem to have so much energy to spare. So you hate the fact that there are many homeless people in your city and that they are left marginalized with no rights? Then why not go down to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter and volunteer your time to make a difference? Why not help out through service?
What also angers me is the fact that the police are dragged into this whole mess in the first place. I heard it over and over again. Do you think they used enough force with the protesters? Why did it get so out of hand? Did they use too much force? It's the classic case.They can never do right.
My husband was out at 7 am yesterday and ever returned to his hotel last night. He worked into the night doing one thing, restoring order from the chaos that was caused by those senseless supposed anarchist protesters. He, just like the other men and women out there is a parent, a spouse and a very caring person who just as much as the next person wants to live peacefully. Sadly however, he and the other thousands of police officers who worked around the clock yesterday will be criticized for what they did or didn't do. No thanks or gratitude will be shown towards them, instead they will be asked how could this have been played out differently. But tell me, what would happen if there were no police? I sincerely hope that those who are so against the police never have to call on them for help.
A messy state. I hope that it turns around for today but something tells me that it won't.


  1. I was thinking of your husband when I saw the anarchy and violence on TV tonight. I hope he keeps safe and that things will be calmer tomorrow.

  2. Wow I didn't realize this was going on! I try not too much news, it only brings negativity to me. Very crazy to see such violent images associated with Toronto. Toronto seems so peaceful!

  3. Favorite quote of the day came from my husband as we discussed the pros and cons of the G20 and how we support the police/rcmp:

    "Well we are damned in we host it and damned if we don't so we might as well host the thing and let the cops get to hit a few anarchist."

    Silly husband.

    I agree completely with how these groups should put their energy elsewhere. They seem to have a lot of energy, so why not use it for good!

  4. I agree with you 100%. I love peaceful protest. Once things turn violent or crosses respectful boundries, no one is going to listen to your cause? Why no actaully take non-violent action to help those in need, such as volenteer work or donations or become an elected offical yourself?

  5. Oh, I've been thinking of you and your dear hubby. I'll continue to send positive and peaceful thoughts and prayers your way!

  6. I am completely in support of the police and whatever they have to do to control these thugs. Like you say they are condemned if they do too much and also if not enough. I was shcoked and appalled by the violent protestors. Watching them taunt police for hours made my blood boil. It also spoiled the message of the peaceful protest.

    They did their job and they did it well. They protected the delegates and the people while having bags of urine thrown on them.

    I do wonder how active these protestors are when the "group" mentality that fuels them is gone and the cameras and disguises are off.

    I think that I can speak for almost all Canadians in thanking the police and their families for having to deal with this crap. My neighbors husband was there serving and I kept thinking of her and her little boys and what their daddy was putting up with.


  7. thank you for the many kind words of support! xox


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