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Friday, June 25, 2010

delicious coffee, birthdays, sleeping in and picnics

I'm thankful for...delicious coffee...seeing my whole family in one place at one time (this never happens) bears...celebrating the birthdays of my little niece and my wonderful aunt...upcoming visits with friends....picnics...neighbours who help out with the little things...wonderful blog friends who seem to inspire me everyday...quiet moments...the opportunity to sleep in thanks to the in-laws :o)


  1. oh yes, sleeping in treats should never be underrated! :)

  2. Being surrounded by family is definitely something to be thankful for, especially when it doesn't happen very often!! Enjoy getting to sleep in!

  3. It is one of the sweetest pleasures to sleep in knowing your little ones are well care for. Enjoy.

  4. Such a cute photo!!! Sending you hugs! xo

  5. :)
    and glad you got to sleep in
    xoxo sar


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