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Monday, June 14, 2010

clean floors

This is how we try to keep our floors somewhat clean. We put a baking sheet under his highchair, where the majority of his food lands. What can't be helped is the food that he intentionally tosses off the side. Oh and incase you are wondering, our high chair came from IKEA and we love it. Affordable, simple, light weight...and I've heard other people say that they love it too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is shopping for a highchair.


  1. That Ikea high chair is great. My daughter has used one for her three daughters and it's still going well. I usually put an old plastic shower curtain on the floor under the chair when my granddaughter visits.
    Must be hot there. Noah looks very relaxed :)

  2. What I like about that high chair is that it is not big and bulkly and is easily moved around from room to room.

  3. Look at his cute little foot up on the top!

  4. We LOVE our Antilop highchair. Went today to get one for a friend and they were ALL sold out! Sheesh!

    (Also, I'm totally going to put something under G's chair from now on... I usually just let the dog clean it all up, but that still leaves me with stick floors!)

  5. Hee hee. I love his cute little toes up there.

  6. That's one way to do it :) When my nephew turned one and demolished his cake, we couldn't put down the garbage bags fast enough.


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